A Variation on a Theme…

Hi LL Fellows!

Remember the Google Doc exercise we did in Collaborative I having each group fill in a column in Google Doc? Different trends…?  Well, I tried a variation of the same technique last week for a debrief exercise in my Media Literacy class at GVSU.  The topic was about perceptual filters people have and answering the question:  “Why do different people interpret the same message/stimuli in different ways?” It was a flipped activity where the students did the assignment prior to class (observing the film: 12 Angry Men) to observe the behavioral cues that were expressed by each actor in their role in the film. The film is such an awesome classic!  I actually had a student comment that “It’s the first black & white movie I actually like!”  Really!  I could assess their individual reflections in the submitted assignment. When they came together in class, they fired up their iphones, ipads, laptops and in five groups, they compared and contrasted their points of view, and aggregated their thoughts in the displayed doc for the debrief and class discussion. It worked pretty well!  I liked the transition from their developing their individual points of view, to the comparative work and summaries they came up with for the class discussion.

Anyway… it may be an idea for different curricula??  Click on the link below…

Hope it’s useful! Rob:)


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One Response to A Variation on a Theme…

  1. Sweet! Thank you for sharing this, Rob. I love this variation of what you designed for the Learn Lab Fellows Program!

    A couple of weeks ago Julie Rowan and I borrowed your Google doc activity for a new group of Fellows here at FSU: The Junior Faculty Fellows. Thanks again for inspiring this idea for us!

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