Parking at the Library

I think one of the biggest drawbacks with the current location of the learn lab is the parking. Several times I have had to park in the Williams Auditorium parking lot and then got stuck in student traffic getting out of classes in Starr and crossing the street. For students the lack of parking is a problem as well. For me, several of my students are in Bishop hall for class just before mine. Often we have to start class 5-10 minutes late so that all students can get to class. I have a couple of commuters who come in for this class as their first class of the day and finding parking is nearly impossible. It would be great if we had other Learn Labs in different buildings- perhaps where parking is more available.

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One Response to Parking at the Library

  1. Thanks for the sharing these observations, Liza.

    When we first conceived of the Learn Lab Fellows Program and then, eventually, met with you and the other Fellows in May, we identified as one of the Program’s goals “…to have a positive impact on the University’s design and renovation of classrooms and other environments for teaching and student learning.” I think that what you shared, Liza, relates to this goal. Do you — and this is an invitation to all the Fellows — have ideas on how we could make more progress in achieving this goal? What might we do to have a positive impact on future classroom designs and renovations?

    Thanks again for sharing your comments here on the blog, Liza!

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