Simple Technology Trick to Easily Resolve Eno Board Issues

Do you remember the old days when the answer to every Help Desk support call was to “reboot your computer?”  There is some validity to that trick!  My iPhone was not receiving phone calls or text messages from my sweet spouse for a few days and after I powered it off and back on, it started to work again.  I suspect the computer in the Learn Lab has gone a couple of weeks without being shut down.

Several pieces of technology (Eno stylist pens, mouse, and keyboard) in the Learn Lab use blue tooth technology.  Computers cache information in it’s memory and after a while, it starts to get confused.  From time to time throughout this semester, people have reported that the “Eno Board is not working.”  Each time, a computer reboot has resolved the issue.

I know you do not have time to reboot the computer before class.  What I would like to propose is that the Fellow who uses the room last shut down the computer and power off the keyboard and mouse.  This will help ensure that the computer is refreshed for the next day and I think there will be fewer issues.

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One Response to Simple Technology Trick to Easily Resolve Eno Board Issues

  1. We will also look to see if there are any software updates that may improve the performance of the board and Eno pens.

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