Yeah! What he said…

I came across this article today and I want to share it with every one. It was written by a Professor in a different Clinical Lab Science program, but I think the message is applicable to everyone who teaches in a regular classroom or a Learn Lab.  I know, at one time or another during the semester, I emphasize all the points the author outlines. Actually, I bet I emphasize them MORE than once. I really had to laugh at #5.  I am known (feared and loathed???) for counting off for misspelling the names of microorganisms.  The horrors!

I had the opportunity to sit in a Victor’s class last week. He made using the space seem pretty easy. I’m getting pretty nervous about diving in next semester. I’m looking forward to opportunity to try my hand at it and I welcome any of you to stop by to observe. Just remember that spelling counts!

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One Response to Yeah! What he said…

  1. These are great recommendations! Thanks for sharing this, Dan. If I or anyone in FCTL can help to alleviate the nervousness about teaching in the Learn Lab, please give a shout. I know the other Fellows would be willing to help, too!

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