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The Missing Post

For whatever reason this morning at the gym I was reflecting back on my Fellows experience (mostly planning out some PDI expenses) and realized there was an important blog missing. Through all of our posts, I have never truly expressed … Continue reading

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Are there any updates on the lighting situation? It is continuing to be distracting to my students and I am afraid it is taking away from class discussions. Almost every week, someone is asking about the lights. I am concerned … Continue reading

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Guest Speakers

Has anyone else brought in a guest speaker yet? I did and I immediately felt bad as this poor person had never been in the room before. They proceeded to run their presentation in a stationary spot, near the room … Continue reading

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Will I Be Shortchanging My Students?

This summer (and more so the last couple of weeks) I have been really trying to think out my semester and plan for ways to utilize the full Learn Lab space at my disposal. For whatever reason though, many of … Continue reading

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Getting Real With My Freshman

New to FSUS this year is a objective relating to the introduction of financial literacy. After much thought, I am taking a page out of our Financial Aid Office and theirĀ Get Real program as part of money smart week they … Continue reading

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