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It’s only fun until someone learns something…

…and that someone is me! It started off innocently enough.  I watched some of you use 405. “No problem,” I said to myself. “I got this.” Uh, huh..riiiiiiiight. I was originally to have 22 students. Great. I can squeeze those guys … Continue reading

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Yeah! What he said…

I came across this article today and I want to share it with every one. It was written by a Professor in a different Clinical Lab Science program, but I think the message is applicable to everyone who teaches in a regular … Continue reading

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Learner Interrupted

Dear President Eisler, We need more learn lab classrooms. Signed, Delayed LLF Dear Delayed LLF, I’ll see what I can do. Signed, Dave An irresistible subject, diagnostic microbiology, has met an immovable object, 11 other LLFs! The class I chose … Continue reading

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