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Ah-ha Moment – At Last

Oh Eno board, how I hate to love you… fellow fellows, I encourage to keep trying.  I’ve struggled with the Eno board as well, but I am gradually mastering the controls and learning how to troubleshoot.  I intend to make … Continue reading

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Schooled by a Samsung

So I think that a gen-ed class of 30 is quite a different experience than most of you are having.  I told them all to feel free to bring their technology on the first day.  I specifically asked them all … Continue reading

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Week 1: Reality Check

So I’ve completed my first week in the Learn Lab.  I can’t decide if the honeymoon is over or just beginning. Ha!  Here are my reflections from my experiences this week. 1) The Eno Board: I love it. Of course … Continue reading

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The Tool I’ll Use the Most

I don’t suppose it will surprise anyone at all to know that I’m in love with the eno board.  I may need therapy to deal with my withdrawal when I’m teaching anywhere else.  I have dreamt of such a tool … Continue reading

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