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A Variation on a Theme…

Hi LL Fellows! Remember the Google Doc exercise we did in Collaborative I having each group fill in a column in Google Doc? Different trends…?  Well, I tried a variation of the same technique last week for a debrief exercise in … Continue reading

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Response to Christine’s post on the enoboard today…

Regarding the eno board and it’s use… Andrew and Jackie, and Fellows, I have been using enoboards since their inception from a teaching perspective. I’d like to throw it out there, that if it would be helpful, I’d like to … Continue reading

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What’s in a name…?

Just wanted to share a technique that I used Tuesday night in my first class, Media Literacy, at GVSU in one of their LEARNLABS! It is a twist on having everyone introduce themselves. ACTIVITY OUTCOME: EVERYONE in the class will … Continue reading

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INSERT for Syllabus (Concept of a Learn Lab) …an idea by Christine for her class. This is a bulleted version from the May Collaborative. Feel free to add to your syllabus if appropriate. :)

What is the concept of a Learn Lab? A Learn Lab environment supports learning experiences that:• are collaborative and student-focused • foster opportunities for student engagement using higher cognitive levels of skill development e.g. analyze, evaluate and create• allow students to develop relationships, … Continue reading

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LEARNLAB Experience in Monterrey Mexico

Mi experiencia en el aula Learning Lab hacia el modelo Tec 21 Google Translation of Ignacio’s Abstract of Learnlab In my experience last week facilitating a workshop in Mexico, I met a professor who has been teaching in a Learnlab … Continue reading

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When adding posts, select a catagory…

One of the powerful aspects of the blog is to be able to, over time, search on your posts by relevant topics. When you add a post, use the “World” icon in the upper left of the blog. (See photo … Continue reading

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MEXICO… Co-Facilitating an Active Learning Workshop NEXT WEEK!

Hi! Just checking in with everyone! I hope you are able to finally enjoy our Michigan Summer! I am excited for each of you as you prepare and anticipate your upcoming teaching experience as Fellows in the FLITE Learn Lab! I have an … Continue reading

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