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We are beginning to settle in!

I am really enjoying that the students in the class appear to be feeling that the space is “their” space.  I am noticing little things like students exploring the space before class begins, meeting with each other before class in … Continue reading

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You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Hi, Everyone! I used Rob’s introduction activity he posted two weeks ago for my first grad class in Howell on Saturday.  Since those classes last from 8-5 (ugh–whose idea was that?), we linked it to a discussion we had about … Continue reading

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Research Methods Class 1

I am trying to reflect on my experience with an unbiased eye, but I have such affection for both the opportunity and the experience that I am sure my reflections do not stand up to the rigors of objectivity.  That … Continue reading

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Transformative Teaching Strategy

The strategy I am going to use this semester with my graduate research methods class is called “Jigsaw” Team Learning (as described by Svinicki and McKeachie (2011).  This technique involves a representative from each of the four “project” groups to … Continue reading

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My Ah-Ha Moment Monday

I noticed that Jennifer and Roxanne were not on task for the Scavenger Hunt.  It occurred to me that if I only have two assignments for four people, I can’t assume all four will work collaboratively on the assignment.  So, … Continue reading

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