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What’s working? Obstacles or issues, Wish I had…

Response to Christine’s post on the enoboard today…

Regarding the eno board and it’s use… Andrew and Jackie, and Fellows, I have been using enoboards since their inception from a teaching perspective. I’d like to throw it out there, that if it would be helpful, I’d like to … Continue reading

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Eno Board Usage

I’m curious about how everyone is (or is not) making use of the Eno Board.  Specifically, one of the options in this tool is to save, or capture, a particular session.  The possible complication here is that while we are … Continue reading

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Will I Be Shortchanging My Students?

This summer (and more so the last couple of weeks) I have been really trying to think out my semester and plan for ways to utilize the full Learn Lab space at my disposal. For whatever reason though, many of … Continue reading

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LearnLab trial and error episode #2

Liza and I are once again in the LearnLab trying out all the technology!!  We noticed some new things in the lab.  The tables and camera are labeled with large print for those of us who have trouble seeing!!  Last … Continue reading

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Video Tutorials on the Learn Lab Technology

Hey there!  I have created video tutorials on how to use the technology in the Learn Lab.  There are five video segments on the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning’s YouTube channel.  These segments range from 6 – 11 minutes … Continue reading

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Recording virtual whiteboard lectures

Recording a whiteboard-esque lecture in a video format that students can watch online is becoming a very prevalent technique, particularly for flipped classes and purely online venues such as Kahn Academy. I am using it to record homework reviews for … Continue reading

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Getting started

Just got to the lab after a long hiatus. Trying to remember everything. Hope to get back to this again soon.

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