Do you logout of the Learn Lab computer?

At least 5 of you so far this semester do not!   Some of you consistently stay logged in after class.   Sure, call me PARANOID but I feel compelled to at least make you aware.

Look, I teach information security and trust me when I tell you that walking away from a computer while logged in (especially one that is NOT set to auto lock) is not a good habit.

If you think it is harmless to stay logged in, let me insert some paranoia into this situation.    Do you want someone surfing to inappropriate sites while logged-in as you?   How will you prove it wasn’t you?   How about a quick grab of your browser session cookies for some impersonation / session hijacking?   Anything important on your network drives?    I believe the room is open throughout the day so anyone with access to the library has the ability to do this.   It doesn’t take a hacking wizard do any of these malicious activities.   Yes, teaching / living in the world of info security can make you paranoid but I’m talking about a couple of clicks when your class is done to keep yourself safe.  🙂

I’ll admit, it is easy to shut the system down and forget to log-off.   Perhaps we need to enable auto lock on this workstation?

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Now that we have passed the halfway point…

You’ll have to excuse my absence on this blog.   Social media isn’t something I naturally feel compelled to participate in frequently even though I utilize a lot of technology at home, play, and work.

I thought I’d share a bit about my experiences to date in the Learn Lab.   Overall this is pretty much what I expected which is certainly not a disappointment.   My typical class is presentation / demo with mix of classroom / team exercises that primarily use the individual table monitors and pucks.   I encourage someone to “Drive” that hasn’t “driven” recently or ever during table / group work.   We then typically review solutions table by table and if a table is “stuck” and couldn’t finish the exercise we help them finish as a group.    Sometimes I will start class on Mondays with a “brain dump” of the prior week’s highlights by having the table use the huddle boards to capture and present their ideas / recollections.

I have used the eno pen very little – probably two classes.   I find it “ok”  it feels a bit “clunky” to me so I only use it when I need to really visually illustrate something.   I haven’t used any of the “persistence” technology as this hasn’t seemed worth the effort to date and most of what I persist I do through other technology and share via Blackboard.

Overall I love the table configuration and the ability to share within and across tables.   These are the two most powerful aspects of the room for me.   I am going to have a remote guest speaker in a couple of weeks.   The video cams and mics should be a very nice touch for that event but not something I would otherwise use.   I considered recording my class for use in an online section but having taken online courses in that format myself, I don’t care for it unless I can be a remote participant via  a classroom moderator that watches for chats / questions from remote participants.

I am really enjoying the experience and am thankful for the opportunity to participate!

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Response to Christine’s post on the enoboard today…

Regarding the eno board and it’s use… Andrew and Jackie, and Fellows, I have been using enoboards since their inception from a teaching perspective. I’d like to throw it out there, that if it would be helpful, I’d like to offer a “session” where we could spend time specifically on eno in the Learn Lab and go over troubleshooting, save/capture strategies, teaching techniques, whatever may be useful to you. I don’t have all the answers and never will :), but would be happy to share the ups and downs, and let’s address the issues specifically as they relate to you guys and your Learn Lab… Let me know if there is any interest in doing this and we can setup a time! Thanks, Rob

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We have LIGHTS!

The lights appear to be working!  Give it a try!  Scene A turns off the first row and the two banks further from the projector is on.  See which Scene works best for you.  We are SO VERY sorry for all the trouble.  Alas!  We have lights!

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Getting students involved

Some of my students, like Jennifer’s are not interested in using the technology. Most are timid about hooking up their device to the equipment but many are not even bringing their devices. Interesting because in my section that meets in the regular classroom many seem to have their cell phones or laptops, but when we meet in the LL they don’t have them or do not use them. Often when we do assignments they go to the textbook for information rather than the web, even though I prompt them to use the web. They seem to like the huddle boards for group assignments. Last week I made one person from each group attach their computer to the table and type their groups presentation information there then during the presentation I projected it on to each table. I think they liked that for taking notes for the class.

This group is mostly freshman or sophomores and I am having difficulty getting them to understand that they can contribute to the class and that I do not need to lecture for them to get the information. Will see how things go.

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Table 3 pucks

There a couple of pucks on table 3 that are not working. Both use HDMI and are on the left side if you are looking at the TV. Has anyone else had a problem with this?

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Are there any updates on the lighting situation? It is continuing to be distracting to my students and I am afraid it is taking away from class discussions. Almost every week, someone is asking about the lights. I am concerned that anyone with a light sensitivity or someone prone to migraines could be more worried about the continuous light changing and not paying attention to class.

I hate to come with a problem and no solution. I really do, but my frustration is growing as this has been an issue since May.



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